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  • Laura Huey

Welcome to PPR's new space: Books & Blogs!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

First off, why does a journal need its own blog?

The blog is a tool for connecting with police practitioners, policy makers and academic researchers outside of the formal structure of a journal. We intend this to be a site where contributors can discuss key findings or novel takeaways that emerge from the research we publish, including ideas on how to incorporate research into police practice and policy-making. It's also a space in which police practitioners and others can discuss more general issues in the field of policing research, such as identifying gaps or limitations in our knowledge, problems with research translation and questions about how to access or make research actionable.

In other words it's a space for readers to have their say!

The Books in this site's title refers to Book Reviews. I've often found it a source of some minor irritation to see a book review in a print journal of work that was produced some 2 or 3 years earlier. If there's something new and interesting out there, I'd kind of like to know ... well, now.

Further, removing Book Reviews from the print journal also frees up space in each issue for more research articles, which is not exactly a bad thing for a research journal. So, here we have it: Books & Blogs!

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