Author Resources

The Black Box

This section of our resources page is dedicated to a special project we call 'The Black Box." What you will find here is a series of short, informative video clips from our editorial team aimed at:

- answering questions related to the publishing process

- providing helpful tips on preparing manuscripts

- suggestions on managing the revision process

- and a whole host of other useful things!

The 'Black Box'

Laura Huey

Rapid Communications

Michael D. White

A Good Abstract

Jacek Koziarski

What Does a Managing Editor Do?

Xiaochen Hu

Think Before You Title

Laura Huey

Does My Paper Fit?

Laura Huey

Desk Rejects

Laura Huey

What's Important in a Paper?

Thaddeus Johnson

Advice for Reviewers

Eric Piza

Figuring out 'Fit'

Nahanni Pollard

Writing a Good Conclusion

Melissa Morabito

How are Reviewers Selected?

Laura Huey

When Reviewers are Split

Laura Huey